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Enter your own time or select from the common times below. The timers work great for cooking (egg timers), quiz taking, sports timing, task scheduling and much more. Visit our support page for frequently asked questions.

Common Time Lengths


60 Seconds
50 Seconds
40 Seconds
30 Seconds
20 Seconds
10 Seconds
5 Seconds


60 Minutes
30 Minutes
20 Minutes
10 Minutes
5 Minutes
4 Minutes
3 Minutes
2 Minutes
1 Minute


3 Hours
2 Hours
1 Hour

Specialized Timers and Counters

Simple Counter
Dual Counters
Timers for Autism

Webmasters - Link to a Custom Timer

We provide an easy URL format for webmasters who want to link to a custom timer on our website. Simply enter the units and unit name separated by a dash. For example, a 3 minute timer looks like this: [Go to timer]

Adding a second unit is just as simple. A timer for 5 minutes and 30 seconds looks like this: [Go to timer]

Finally, a timer with hours, minutes and seconds looks like this: [Go to timer]

If you have any questions, read our support page or use our contact form to send us an email.

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